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About Us

Peace Avenue represents a road to a peaceful, positive and responsible lifestyle. How do we get there?

We think a good start is putting the words below in action in your everyday life. Achieving a more peaceful world begins with each of us.

Be part of the solution.


    • Compassion

        • Honor

            • Courage

                • Humility

                  • Fairness

                  • Trust

                  • Faith

                  • Integrity

                  • Balance

                  • Unity

                  • Involvement

                  • Sincerity

                  • Humor

                  • Listen

                  • Proactive

                  • Will

                  • Commitment

                  • Patience

                  • Truth

                  • Dignity

                  • Cooperation

                  • Love

                  • Trustworthy

                  • Peace

                    Peace Avenue sells conventional and eco friendly clothing as well as jewelry. The day to day running of our company uses environmentally friendly and recycled products and services whenever possible.
                    We are not a profit driven company. We operate on a modest margin as well as our vendors, so we can all make a decent living and not just a few getting the lions share. 
                    Here at Peace Avenue we don't just sell clothing, we sell pieces of art that you can wear. All our designs are first hand drawn by local artists, turned into vector screens, and printed locally.

                    We are a family owned and operated business located in historic Shelby, North Carolina.

                    Find out more about what else Shelby, NC has to offer HERE.


                    *Photo taken at a festival in 2011

                    We developed Peace Avenue to be a vehicle for our positive message of getting people to "be part of the solution" and get back to the better angels of our nature. Our clothing is made with fine quality materials both soft and durable. Peace Avenue was established in 2006 and later started selling merchandise in 2008. We originally started at festivals in the region, and have continued to do so for the past 12 years with great success. Opening our Shelby store in 2013, at the insistence of our supportive customers, we are now continuing to expand by launching our online store, with future hopes of opening a second location.

                    *Photo taken at a festival in 2019

                    We are blessed to have wonderful customers who support our message and help "spread the peace", for them we are truly thankful.

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                    Come visit us at our store located:

                    206 S. Washington St.
                    Shelby, NC 28150